The importance of Brand Identity for Luxury Boats

We know well how the Brand Identity (the identity that distinguishes a brand) is an essential element for any company, whether small or large, representing its first business card. This is even more true in the case of luxury goods. Since these are products intended for small groups of buyers, every detail must be studied with the utmost attention. The luxury boating sector is also part of this area.

Behind the purchase of a luxury item such as a boat, there is always a long search for information both on the products and on the shipyards themselves. If you want to be truly competitive on the world market, it goes without saying that the care of the Brand Identity must be carried out with the utmost attention, not neglecting any detail or even making gross errors.

Today, among other things, for the nautical field, is the best time to take that extra step forward. After experiencing a period of stagnation, in fact, the sector is experiencing a phase of marked recovery, opening up to growing global demands and opportunities.



There are several aspects to consider when building a Brand Identity dedicated to shipyards; the essential keywords are: elegance, consistency, professionalism, recognition and personality.

Only through good care of the corporate image can the customer’s trust be won, nurturing positive feelings and sensations in him. The same necessary to entice him to make the purchase.

All this translates into a series of complementary activities: ranging from the care of social profiles to that of the contents of the company website, from presentation brochures to the creation of professional videos with drones or helicopters, from the management of nautical events to the creation of books. photographs with shots that capture the details of the boat in its entirety up to the recent introduction of innovative and immersive technologies such as AR Technology (augmented reality) and VR Technology (virtual reality).



The most common mistake that many shipyards make in their communication is to associate an increase in sales as the sole objective of advertising, rather than building a path that gives importance to the reputation of the brand, for the purpose of the purchase choice. 

In fact, in the specific case of boating, strengthening the prestige of the company, as well as the reputation of the models in the range, the new models launched and so on are fundamental aspects. All factors that constitute for the customer, relevant elements for the purpose of the purchase.

From the analysis of advertising communication within luxury boating, the affirmation of a trend characterized by an overturning of communication techniques emerges. In particular, we have gone from an advertisement characterized by the simple representation of the yacht product, to an advertisement that highlights the emotional and sensational impact offered by the world of luxury yachting.

The latest advertising campaigns by Benetti, Ferretti Yacht, Azimut Yacht and San Lorenzo reflect the consolidation of a new paradigm of nautical communication.



In a particular sector such as the naval one, where every little detail can make a difference, there is no room for improvisation. In order to create a Brand Identity that leads to the desired results, a shipyard must rely on consolidated nautical marketing specialists such as Zoè Comunicazione.

In particular, we deal with all the communication aspects concerning the luxury yachting sector, giving rise to an effective and exciting narration capable of capturing the end user, who is thus motivated to the experience of owning a boat and the status symbol. that the shipyard itself guarantees to the owner.