Fuorisalone 2022: Design, Communication & Heat

After a suffering 2021, Milan has finally seen an effervescent influx of people on the streets of Design Week, with a large number of audiences who have browsed through the city districts for the 2022 edition of the Fuori Salone.

This time there was also the Periodico Studio team, fresh from the new re-branding and ready to try their hand at the very first trade fair since its birth. Milan always offers many creative ideas every time we visit it but, even more so on the occasion of events with a global reach such as the Salone del Mobile.

We went there to observe and understand what the big names and emerging realities are doing that deal with style, a crucial topic for our communication format. But in addition to the “traditional” communication we offer, we also presented two innovative experiences in terms of augmented reality, dedicated to the world of architecture and design



The two interactive flyers that we brought allowed access to augmented reality experiences without the use of applications, using our platform and immediately immersing the user in an innovative world only with the help of a phone or tablet.


The flyer of the interior had a QR code printed on the front which, once scanned, made a 3D printed vase appear in the surrounding environment with which you could interact, moving it and modifying the size at will.



The flyer dedicated to architecture, on the other hand, made it possible, again by means of a QR scan, to transform a 2D floor plan of a house into a 3D room observable from your phone by approaching or moving away from the mobile device.

Two interesting applications of our technology that can bring a new level of involvement for professionals in the sector and allow you to innovate the conventional communication you are used to.

During the long walks under the hot June sun, however, we met a large number of interesting people, contacts that both in terms of customers and networks have instilled in us a healthy optimism for the near future.

From elegant showrooms to the most extravagant displays, the Fuori Salone releases the most creative ideas of the brands in the design world, declined in all its variants, from furniture to automotive to yachting. An assortment of brands that embraces the entire universe of style, enhancing and showing their distinctive characters in an original way.