How WebAR can increase the reality of Museums and Art Galleries


Art has always played a structural role as a bridge between the ages, past, present and future, representing each period with its technique and style. So it continues to do, projecting us into the world of innovation and anticipating what we will all call the Metaverse in the future. In particular, tourism is increasingly relying […]

How to make Phygital an e-commerce and increase sales


In a market like that of online shopping, which has grown significantly due to the effect of the pandemic, it is essential to guarantee customers an efficient customer journey with attention to every detail. To achieve this, many companies are implementing “phygital” (union of the terms physical and digital) in their online shops, one of […]

How to view an Augmented Reality experience?

come visualizzare un'esperienza in realtà aumentata

 Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that allows you to superimpose digital elements on a real environment, creating a sort of “improvement” of reality. Until recently, to try an AR experience, it was necessary to download proprietary apps on which companies, with expensive development costs, created ad hoc campaigns. Today, thanks to Web Augmented Reality (WebAR), […]