BeReal: here is the social anti-Instagram and TikTok

“Less is more” applied to the social dimension.

What if today’s audiences get tired of being inundated with hundreds of photos and videos of idyllic places, poses by professional models and retouching worthy of the best Hollywood film studios?

This question was answered by BeReal, the social network created to oppose the most famous trends of TikTok and Instagram and which intends to enhance the everyday reality experienced by people.

No posts or dream stories, no filters, BeReal makes everyday life its differentiating value and succeeds in its goal, giving people the opportunity to publish, only at a specific time of day.



La regola principale è una e una sola: essere sé stessi, senza filtri. Tra i giovani studenti dei college americani e non solo sta spopolando, tanto da superare TikTok come numero di download nei vari App Store.

Il suo slogan è chiaro: “Be Yourself, Be Real” (“Sii te stesso, sii reale”).

Il nuovo social network è nato con lo scopo di contrastare l’ossessione per la perfezione estetica, la corsa ai follower e la popolarità online, fino alla dipendenza e al controllo delle vite altrui.

Su BeReal non ci sono followers, non ci sono like, non ci sono filtri ed ore e ore di scroll.

L’app, al momento, è disponibile solo in lingua inglese, spagnola e francese, ma è già scaricabile in modo gratuito su qualsiasi dispositivo iOS tramite app store.

L’iscrizione è molto semplice: bastano le proprie informazioni di base e creare un cosiddetto RealMoji, il sostituto delle emoji classiche che siamo abituati a conoscere negli altri social network e che serve da interazione con gli amici.


But how does this social network as innovative as it is antipodes? The operation of BeReal is very simple: once you have registered, the application will send you a single notification per day on your mobile at an “x” moment of the day. Only then will users be able to upload an image of what they are doing at that very moment. BeReal users will only have two minutes to take the photo and click “publish”. Outside of that moment, nothing can be posted.

Once uploaded, the image will be available for 21 hours for your friends, who will only be able to comment and send reactions with emoticons (a bit like how it works for Instagram stories).

Shyness? A concept of the past with this new format that certainly limits creativity in post production but, at the same time, invites you to be yourself in the eyes of the world.


This is the evolution that many have been waiting for, which aims to make social media an element of genuine sharing rather than an insatiable source of addiction.

But will this new digital trend be able to have the same success, in a difficult market like the Italian one? Will it really be anti-Instagram and TikTok? Will people be willing to share a random moment of their day?

Only time will tell us if this phenomenon will confirm the expectations or will it be yet another meteor.