The value of 3D content in marketing explained


Let’s say you’re old enough to have played video games in the 90s. If so, you know what we’re talking about: cool sceneries made of not-so-tiny pixels and amazing 2D adventures – the young millennials were having a blast. Now let’s take a look at today’s video games: immersive 3D experiences, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality… […]

Augmented Reality for the art industry: all the countless possibilities


Buying artwork to enhance the look of your home, office or workplace is always a great idea. Not only do you bring beauty and art into the lives of the people who live and work there, but you also support the art market and artists. But what’s the problem when choosing which artwork fits perfectly […]

The main application areas of Augmented Reality in marketing strategies


AR (Augmented Reality or Augmented Reality) is a very versatile technology that allows a wide margin of use. The basic concept is simple: thanks to the use of the cameras of mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, it is possible to visualize virtual elements in the surrounding environment that do not exist in the […]

7 statistics that show how AR is revolutionizing Marketing

7 statistiche che dimostrano come l’AR stia rivoluzionando il Marketing

There is always something reassuring about reading statistics. In essence, knowing that a new technology actually leads to achieving the desired results can be fundamental when deciding to invest in it for your business, both in terms of commitment and budget. That’s why we’ve gathered some of the most interesting statistics on Augmented Reality that will […]

Which KPIs to choose for an Augmented Reality campaign and how to measure ROI

Quali KPI scegliere per una campagna in Realtà Aumentata e come misurare il ROI

The purpose of any business should be to earn and increase income. By measuring short-term goals and return on investment, companies can increase the chances of achieving this intent. At the same time, the results can be used to guide decision making. Knowing what works with your audience (and what doesn’t) is the best way to […]

All the advantages of Augmented Reality Packaging


In modern communication, the role of packaging is assuming an increasingly important role in product sales dynamics. Companies are constantly looking for the perfect visual semiotics to capture consumers’ attention and lead them to purchase. Today, quality is no longer limited to the characteristics of the product alone but also to the way of communicating […]

Augmented Reality in eCommerce: how to improve sales and customer retention

periodico_studio_realtà aumentata_ecommerce

Augmented Reality helps to create personalized and engaging shopping experiences, almost completely erasing the boundary between physical and virtual reality. For example, if a buyer likes a dining table and wonders how it would look in their living room, thanks to AR and a 3D model, they will be able to visualize it through their […]

Relaunching tourism with Geomarketing in Augmented Reality


Whether you are traveling for tourism, study or work or you are participating in an event, how many times have you found yourself in front of a map looking for useful information? While waiting for our means of transport to arrive or while browsing a large fair, why not discover the tourist attractions of the […]

How to increase newsletter openings and conversions thanks to Augmented Reality


Being accessible via the internet and without the need for dedicated applications, WebAR is a versatile tool that can also be used in Email Marketing campaigns. Thanks to the inclusion of Augmented Reality in DEM campaigns, it is possible to virtually bring products and services into the homes of potential customers, transmitting them information in […]

Improving B2B sales: dynamic presentations in AR

Migliorare le vendite B2B: presentazioni dinamiche in AR

Let’s start with a concrete example, fairs: of course, these scenarios are a huge opportunity to meet interested potential buyers and involve a considerable effort in terms of costs. Also, what about online events and presentations? In these times, where digital experiences are taking over physical ones, more and more events are taking place in the […]